right I am having quite a bit of fun with this: Nano by Gates & Co; photo by Nixon
Hi Everybody, I decided two weeks ago that a priority was to re-visit some of my previous video and to publish this on my website at various…
Thought I would post this here as it has not been published in a form that is easily accessible…. Thanks for reading Nixonlab! Subscribe for free to…
3 new slides, 18 new samples , lots of new chips ...
Or which comes first the ribbon or the chip?
Construction Video RevisedWatch now (3 min) | Best Construction Video I have (but I aim to do better!) . October 11th 2022, Darkfield 200x, some contrast enhancement and further…
New Chip formed from Pfizer vax yesterdayWatch now (3 min) | Darkfield microscopy, 200x magnification, sped up 1200x
Hi Guys, Well after been kicked off my newsletter platform and whilst waiting for my latest video to load so I can put it on my website - it is a bit…
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