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So these amazing photos are at only 200x magnification? These ‘things’ are rather large! 😳

Thank you David for your prep and sharing 💕.

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Good job! The information apparently cannot be published enough times to reach people, but the zombies probably cannot be reached and, in their Stockholm syndrome, many of them would be willing to kill to protect their captors...

Have you read about the latest gaslighting about the photos? Some "experts" (aka. lackeys for the mass murderers) claim that the structures are cholesterol or something like that. Right, and I was born yesterday.

Sadly, the combination of graphene oxide and 5G have become only a part of the scheme of general poisoning:


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Dr Nixon, have you been in touch with experts from the company called InBrain? They are using graphene oxide for neural interfaces. Maybe they could explain the significance of these structures, or point you in the right direction!

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Great images as always - looking forward to your discussion and interpretation.

Thanks for your work David.

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Another recent review to consider: Emerging Magnetic Fabrication Technologies Provide Controllable Hierarchically-Structured Biomaterials and Stimulus Response for Biomedical Applications

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Dear Dr Nixon. I stumbled upon this paper. Please look at the image on page 3. It reminds me of some of the rectangular structures you found, with a corner rectangle missing. This might be one of the potential explanations of what these structures are.

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Laugh yes but when 5gs aimed at those with graphene or any other metallics I'm not brave enough to imagine the effects

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Are these graphene oxide/hydroxide samples?

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David, I used your work & interview w/Maria Zeee in my new deep dive on colloidal gold, I hope you don't mind! Excellent work, bravo & thank you!!

Colloidal Gold for Vaccine & Shedding Detox, EPIC!!!


Find out how and why it might just be the magic key to resolving the nanotech in the slap jabs! Note, you should still try to address elimination of these elements as well as the various payloads in the carbon nanotubes such as venom peptides, dynabeads & pegylated lipid nanoparticles! I recommend only using this, nicotine and natural supplements, you don't need any dangerous pharmaceutical drugs! I am not a medical professional and none of this is medical advice.

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Hello David,

I would like to let you know that I just translated the fifth chapter of my sequence of essays, "Orchestration of a Pandemic Famine" - written in in French.

This very technical essay is titled " Graphenization of the meat, and proteins, by “vaccines” injected into the livestock"

It highlights the hysterical campaigns to inject farm animal with so-called mRNA vaccines - most of them being based on the graphene derivatives family such as carbon nanotubes and quantum dots of graphene.



I am going to try to take the time to translate the four other essays of this sequence.

Bon courage. Xochi

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David! We've been duped! Ivermectin is a toxic pesticide that damages organs and CAN pass the BBB causing never damage, strokes, comas & death! Here is part of of my research, should be two more parts coming:

Short & sweet warning (3m)


Ivermectin, HCQ, EDTA & Suramin are TOXIC "cures"!! [ Details Vol I: Production Methods & Side-effects ]


Stick with C/D/Turmeric/Quercetin/NAC & gold! Love your work brother, but we gotta get people of these toxic pharmaceuticals!

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These photos come from two discussions with Matt Taylor and the second also with Shimon Yanowitz. https://drdavidnixon.com/1/en/topic/david-mat-230114 https://drdavidnixon.com/1/en/topic/david-mat-shimon-230114

There are three slides. Each has 6 'multi-drops' on them, and each 'multi-drop' is formed of 5 or 6 drops of Pfizer Cominarty placed on top of each other, maybe about an hour apart.

Slide 1: colloidal gold on a separate slide or slides adjacent to the specimen slide (one is higher up I think); plus magnet, maybe at the top. Slide 2, same but without magnet. Slide 3: neither colloidal gold nor magnet. All had ambient EMF from the room.

The discussions took place about 18 hours after last drops added (24 hours before they began to be added). They are live, as it were.

Slide 3 had much less development. Slide 2 had the most, I would say, but there was also a difference between sides of the slide, ie between multi-drops 1, 3, 5 on the one hand, and 2,4,6 on the other - as I understand it.

I have done 8 Twitter threads with timed screen shots for those who don't have time to watch the whole 2 1/4 hours, starting here: https://twitter.com/Ezekiel47v9/status/1615004935610826754

Slide 2, in 2nd discussion, is especially interesting as it seems to demonstrate that David has been correct in saying that the rectangular structures develop out of crystals in the dendritic crystalline lattice that forms first, as the sample dries.

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Thank you very much dear David for sharing these great photos. Preised Be The God Almighty YaHUaH THAT we Have such diligent and Brave people who risk their lives in sharing us The Light of The Truth , Keep on bravely , and fear no evil , for it is Written :

Matthew 5:10

(KJV) Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Amen in YaHUShUA Amen


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Thank you.

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