Mr. Nixon, could you give a list of equipment needed to replicate your great research? Perhaps the make and model of your dark field and other equipment? Thank you

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Suggestions for T-Shirts or other goods.

“Vaccines nanotechnology inside your body”

“What’s inside the vaccines… and your body.”

“ Vaccines: What’s inside your body.”

“Vaccines are not what you were told (they were)!”

“Hackable humans through vaccinations”

“Nanotechnology inside ANY vaccines”

“Vaccines and WHAT THE @***** ELSE?”

“Already hacked? Vaccines nanotechnology:”

+ connected crystal, chips or any other relevant picture.

+ your site address (dr.david.nixon.com so they can watch the bots construction video first)

+ Nixonlab logo and website

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thank you I need to re-visit my merchandising!

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We need to shake people up a bit! Fear is the enemy's best propaganda tool, why not use it as a contre-attaque?

Well, I would really like to support your work, but I still can’t buy anything from your site. Australia is the only country available…

Is there another way to contribute?

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Celeste Solum has just had an interview with Maria Zeee where she briefly mentions that these nano robots run on a highway of Gold or Silver. I had ordered the Colloidal Gold on the information you put out so I sent her a message to ask if taking it is contraindicative to trying to chelate the nanotech out. Celeste advised not to take the Gold and she will explain why in her next webinar. Just thought you should now as Im now not going to take it until I have more clarification and would be interested in your view on this please. https://zeeemedia.com/interview/exclusive-celeste-solum-the-end-game-synthetic-biology-exposed/

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I thought your article would be about the new Grafene material that has cooling properties. ie; my pillow, 2.0.

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Its in your pillow?

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