Thank you! Obviously those who assume these structures to be salt crystals or such (without any molecular verification!), haven't actually watched these videos. Salt crystals don't form and dissolve and reform because of EMF energy! (I am a biologist, btw, and used to teach cell biology....these are not 'normal' components of blood.)

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Hi Ana,

I recently did a live blood analysis with a searcher that says my blood is clean from graphene and nanobots etc with EDTA but that I have tons of spike proteins and that these are only removed from the body with MMS and distilled water or simple

water (water with an angle of 115).

I saw my own blood compare to the others in the room and it seems real. He was using a microscope with color. He says you see less with darkfield ... Can you please enlight me with this. He is claiming if we don't detox from these we will all die within 1-5 years depending on our system. I am destabilised and don't know what to think and how to verify this info. Praying for an answer from you.

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You can get CDS which is pre-mixed MMS. Its only $40. I took it for a cough and I am fine! My cough gone!

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Best wishes for you too, thank you for your work! 🙏

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Thank You Dr. Nixon and Dr. Ana for your work. This is all truly horrifying.

I just recently found out that my son went ahead and got covid vaxxs for my beautiful grandchildren! They are 2 1/2 yr and 8 mos old. I am horrified. Dr. Ana or anyone on here, do you know what I can do to help my grandchildren detox from this junk? Do you think the EDTA creme would help and is O.K. to rub on infants and toddlers? Is it O.K. to give babies and toddlers Ivermectin or other supplements? Thank You for any input and suggestions. I am truly horrified and really hope we can come up with cures and solutions, especially for our children.

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Go to Zev Zelenko's site. He has a detox for children. You can even purchase a the supplement there. "Z-stack Protocol kids.

Although he was warning about the immune-system breaking down ADE, he explained:

Zinc Stops the virus making copies of itself – all the strains.

Problem is the zinc can't get into the cell by itself, it needs a zinc delivery “gun” a zinc dionaphore —> there are 4: hydroxychloroquine sulfate (200g); ivermectin; QUERCETIN (500mg max strength OTC ; Flavonoid - anti-oxidant

You need max doses of VitD3 and VitC Loads of sunshine and outdoors running on grass !!!


Works the same with other toxins e.g. graphene oxide see La Quinta Columna dot net/dot info /dot tv etc

See my Gab account (same name) for pinned posts other useful information.

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Thank you David for all your excellent work. Terribly sorry you were injured.

We all love you and wish you blessings and all the Love of God for you and your family. Please be well

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Welcome. Thank you for all you and Dr. Ana do. I loved the videos, especially Dr. Coleman. He doesn’t mince words for sure.

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Welcome to Substack Dr. Nixon. Your work and videos are incredible. I am also new to publishing on Substack and it is interesting to say the least. The ability of Substack to enable meaningful interaction are, so far, quite impressive compared to other platforms. Thanks for all you do.

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Thanks Larry much appreciated

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"I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I feel something terrible has happened" Star Wars, 11 sec vid https://youtu.be/EKu7TYWNxqA?t=1

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Really glad to see you on Substack & look forward to sharing more of your work here.


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Thank you!

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Jan 11, 2023·edited Jan 11, 2023

‘I have discovered a way to interrupt the EMF from the wifi router I have been using which allows me to shrink and grow structures.’

What is the signal interruption method you are using to disassemble them?

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Welcome to substack Doctor! So pleased you've found another venue. Good luck and Happy Writing 😎

I'm beetling off to your site now ...

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one looks like a line drawing of an alien dna lol

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Carry on Bravely The Almighty God of Heaven YaHUaH Sees All , Not everyoe believes Him , but everyone Will See and Face His Judgement Amen in YaHUShUA Amen.

Matthew 5:10

(KJV) Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Amen




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