Hi, No its not overly simplistic.

Mat Taylor had a recent interview with Stew Peters and called for a pause for 3G/4G and 5G - at least until we figure things out. https://rumble.com/v2cztxi-5g-radiation-causes-blood-clots-proof-death-jab-reacts-to-wifi-frequencies-.html

The problem lies not in the decision but the lack of control us mere citizens have when it comes to having any say in the matter.

It also lies in the fact that the narrative of the cosmology in which we live does not emphasis the importance of ourselves as electric beings and the frequencies with which we interact....

Thank you for your comment1

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Dr. Nixon, have you found any new information on a method to detoxify the body from this voodoo? Have you found anything regarding the orange face glow under UV light? It seems to be a growth or otherwise; it seems to spread on its own. Please reply. Also join Gab @healgodschildren. I'm trying to form a community of people so we can hopefully find a way to help people.

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Hey David, look what I found, this might be the precise process by which these chips are formed :

"Dispensing with the use of expensive bespoke systems, the new technique not only produces graphene sheets reliably but also allows to use fast-acting catalysts that reduce growth times from several hours to only a few minutes.

With the use of video imagining, the team from Surrey's Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) have shown graphene growing over an iron catalyst, using a silicon nitride membrane produced within a silicon chip. The membrane is only a few tens of nanometres thin, and heating and cooling can be rapidly controlled by means of modulating an electrical signal that is sent to the iron layer. This acts both as a catalyst and as an electrical resistor to supply the heat."


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I am still n shock that none of the nano-micro engineers came forward to offer any explanation of the images. What is this silence telling you?

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One specific question to ask is why the sample is still liquid after 10 weeks, and moreover there is fluid movement with intermittent strong currents flowing - see eg at 0:19:00 on the clock in this video which David is talking about above (https://drdavidnixon.com/1/en/topic/revised-de-construction-video). The Cominarty concentrate is diluted in 0.9% saline. Why doesn't all this water evaporate off? Is this something like a hydrogel that traps water? But hydrogels are solid like an edible jelly (which is itself a hydrogel).

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Don't worry about the clowns mate, science is to question and test not just believe a story.

I posted the below on twitter and the best anyone could do was call names but you always see a lack of explanation.

"If a crane operator can fact check


Every single doctor and scientist can as well James.

My vaxx injured brother in law. 3 moderna.


My best mate, 2 pfizer.

darkfieldmicroscopy.substack.com/p/2-pfizer "

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