My eyes are so blurry...Mr. Nixon did you see on bitchute.com dr. NOACK work and his aledged murder? Please be careful.

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Dr Daniel Nagase found very similar beaded nanotubes in Moderna: https://odysee.com/@WesternStandard:8/watch-dr.-nagase-reviews-images-from:c [26:00].

Professor Campra found similar structures in Pfizer: http://xochipelli.fr/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/corona2inspect_entrada46EN_nuevas_evidencias_nanotubos_carbono_cuentas.pdf

and there is considerable scientific literature about beaded nanotubes.

(My highlights from Dominique Guillet's comments and links below.)

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excellent link. I remember watching this interview a number of months ago. Upon rewatching there is a perfect example of the same trauma pods at the 26:00 mark. You're making great connections Andrew!

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Dear Dr Nixon:

1. I did a search of Dr. Hughes recent compilation in IJVPTR for “Nixon” and nothing came up. Does it mean your findings were not included? And if not, what was the reason? (https://ijvtpr.com/index.php/IJVTPR/article/view/52)

2. Any spectrography data of your findings? What’s your best guess? Graphene?

3. Have you been in touch with any nanotech experts? We need to know the function of this technology in the human body.

Some doctors think narrowly, and postulate that this nanotech just enables side effects we are seeing in vaccine recipients - inflammation, clotting, etc. This is what I would call expected thinking.

But seeing nanotech in injectable products is a brand new problem and brand new technology we’ve never seen before, and thus requires new thinking, and new frameworks. No hypotheses should be rejected simply because it doesn’t appear plausible, or feels too conspiratorial.

My best guess is that this is a part of biosensoring and neural interfacing for the new kind of control of humans both en masse and individually. Modern computing and AI makes this engineering problem possible to execute on large scale.

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With regard to David Hughes, I believe it was just a matter of timing - he had completed his compilation before David Nixon published his work - from memory Hughes explained this in an interview.

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Thank you! I missed that interview.

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In fact, Dr. Daniel Nagase, from Canada, has presented the same formation. Spectrum 4 - with the spectroscopic analysis. Carbon. Oxygen. Chloride, Palladium.

Here: https://xochipelli.substack.com/p/graphene-oxide-in-moderna-and-pfizer

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David is on Twitter @DavebNixon where one can add images to comments, which helps in the discussion. https://twitter.com/Ezekiel47v9/status/1612732808354566144

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We are dealing obviously with Beaded Carbon Nanotubes Based on Liquid Graphene Beads . Here is the interpretation by Mik Andersen:


I wrote also an article, in French, on this subject.


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Hello David. Concerning what you call "aneurysms". I suppose we are dealing with teslaphoresis of carbon nano-tubes.


Here are some studies:

Teslaphoresis of Carbon Nanotubes: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/acsnano.6b02313




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The first paper says this happens under the influence of a high voltage force field. Do we have anything like that available in David's specimen?

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Here is the comment by Daniel Nagase: "The most interesting thing is that for these samples, the only exposure to Teslaphoresis like conditions was from the environment. 6 weeks of driving around from city to city in western canada caused enough electromagnetic exposure within my vehicle that these structures appeared in the vials."

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See also 'This means that "teslaphoresis" is not necessarily required to configure the circuitry required..' in the Mik Andersen article which you linked to in your other comment (http://xochipelli.fr/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/corona2inspect_entrada46EN_nuevas_evidencias_nanotubos_carbono_cuentas.pdf)

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David, do you have to focus on the middle of the pods/aneurysms to see the rectangles? I seem to recall that if you focus on the top surface, then you don't see them? So the surface must be translucent/transparent to visible light? If that's right, can you also see right through to the bottom surface of the pod?

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Fascinating. Like self healing and self defense. Notice some of the larger spike formations, then the aura around the injury, maybe nano spikes. I know the old RFID chips had some sort of spikes around them, make them look like little sponges 1/5 the size of a RBC, it's so they can avoid the immune system by killing any WBC it comes in contact with , by lysing the cells. That is why Ivermectin and nano gold CBD work so well, as it glues up the spikes and dims the aura of the self aware Nano AI parasites' self defense system.

Such fine microscopy technique David.

Can't wait for Ana's fine analysis.

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I just woke from a very short yet deep sleep only 45 minutes in real time . though it seemed like forever .I get my best downloads in this state ,it's part of my spiritual empowerment program.

The message is as follows ::

We blocked the astral plane with far to many soles ,they are stuck in a vortex or a matrix,,they can't asend or return,,if this issiue is not addressed by man kind basically no one gets to complete the natural journey to beyond .

In other words the spiritual universe is warning us ,,to stop doing this .

If we don't the cumulative affect will destory everything..we will become soleless beings stuck in a internet of things for all time space and dimension

,,Woah a wee bit strange ..

That's all I got

Oh and the usual


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David, you are a drop whisperer. They dance under your lenses. These are not the easiest scopes to use and you have a talent, compounded by dedicated hard work. David for next leader of the WEF!

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I know let's make a phoney baloney crisis,

Kill them with the cure,,distort and control them with frequency,,, basically try and break the DNA chain,,and hopefully reduce the population by 50%. ..

Then make everyone have no trust in doctors,,,,then tell them it's a climate issiue,,,,thankyou Klaus very helpful

Thankyou Dr David Nixon

Doing the most for humanity on a global scale

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Dynamite work doc, really!

Have a gander at this XFiles reveal from 2016 in light of the inexplicable aspects.


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Will do that after lunch.... ;-)

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