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Meeting in the morning

Clifford Carnicom has the science! Myself and David Nixon believe we have been observing the technology side of it and can help fill some of those gaps in to some degree.

Meeting in 12 hours

Next meeting!

HUGE! Photonic dot activity captured in slow motion using an agent to slow the technology down!

Next meeting!


Tomorrow's meeting

THE TECHNOLOGY - POST #1 Complex, sequential alignment and so much more.

Blood then and now

Meeting 730am Sunday morning Brisbane time

Old c19 test sample is up to new tricks

Have microscope. Will travel.

"This is a chip" - revisited

Hydrogen Peroxide added to blood reveals highly concentrated amounts of the technology.

Comirnaty sample from August 5th 2022


Comirnaty sample From August 4th 2022

Remission Again, No Gel/Plastic, Rubber Clot in My Blood.

Comirnaty sample 220802 as seen on the 221011 and 221012

Comirnaty sample from August 2nd 2022

This is a chip

Tomorrow's meeting

Dental Differences

Back to Botox

Comirnaty revisited

Dots in blood and tobramycin eyedrops

Borg Chip 2 Re-Visited

C-19 test looks like a C-19 vaccine & there are robot like entities. Eye opening video & images

My best videos - please share, comment, explain

Update on self-assembly in Mepivacaine

New Theories on Treatments

Self-assembly nanotechnology in Mepivacaine

Mat Taylor's latest video

Local Anaesthetics part 4a

Nanotechnology in local anaesthetic part 4 of many...

Usual meeting on now for the next (quite a few) hours

Cutting the Head off the Snake in Geneva

Nanotechnology in Local Anaesthetics part 3 (closely followed by part 4)

Quantum Dots or Kinetically Active Micro-Structures?

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science Conference

Microscopy meeting this Saturday/Sunday

Symposium Friday, or Saturday for those down Under

NZ Conference, mass testing for body tech and results thereof.

Today's chat with Mateo Taylor

Meeting this Saturday/Sunday

Mateo Taylor checks in

Mateo Taylor - fire and chips

This weeks meetings

First images to expose possible Q-dots inside RBC's

Blurring Lines: Nanotechnology, Vaccines, and Control

Measles, Mumps, Rubella And Varicella Vaccine For Children Shows Nanobot Swarms, Quantum Dots And Self Assembly Hydrogel

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hemophilus B and Hepatitis B Vaccine For Small Children: Darkfield Microscopy Shows Self Assembly Hydrogel Filaments And Structures

This weeks meetings!

Somatropin Growth Hormone Self Assembly Nanotech, Filaments And Quantum Dot/ Nanobot Swarms Assembling Hydrogel

A few more pics ... same sample

Meetings this week!

Mixing my drugs


Mateo Taylor

Recent photos

Zoom link for meeting

lol ... a few more details would help!

Meeting tomorrow

Q-Dots in blood suddenly from some source.

Paltering: the most devious tactic of 5th generation warfare

Looking at Dupixent (Dupilumab)

Long acting insulin

Blaming the tools

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Todays meeting

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The Taffy Puller

First zoom meeting for paid subscribers

Looking at a Drop of Dental Anesthetic Drying Under Microscope

Salt Crystals under the microscope

Nanotech in Veterinary Products

Nanotechnology in Dental Anaesthetics Part 2

Nanotechnology in Dental Anaesthetics

Ideas for sweat shirts

Re-Edit of Deconstruction Video

What's in the Blood?

A few photos

Ribbon aneurysms or reproduction?

Construction Video Revised

New Chip formed from Pfizer vax yesterday

My first Substack

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