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It's not salt. It's not cholesterol. I think we are seeing liquid crystals from hydrogel.

Meeting tomorrow 7am Sunday Brisbane time

Meeting Sunday 7am Brisbane time

Meeting 7am Brisbane time

“Covid-19,” Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy.

A short video with David and I explaining part of our work so far.

meeting Sunday morning 7am Brisbane time

Interview on Cafe Locked Out

The Case for Synthetic Blood

The blood reaches new levels of tragic alteration.

Meeting 7am Sunday Brisbane time

Blood Serum, complex Hydrogel, and Scaffolding of tissue like material.

Meeting Sunday 6am Brisbane time

Blood reaches new catastrophic levels of alteration. DOD Erythromer like tech in full swing. Coacervates, Proteinosomes, and more.

Meeting tomorrow at 8am Brisbane time

Further complex crystals in lignocaine under higher voltage

Technology in a bubble

Meeting at 6am Sunday Brisbane time

lignocaine and 3 volts DC

RIFE & DC Lignocaine samples support material is highly responsive to RF (Radio Frequencies).

Meeting 615am Brisbane time Thursday

Meeting tomorrow morning Sunday 6am Brisbane time

Lignocaine re-visited

Meeting tomorrow morning Sunday 6am Brisbane time

Remission My Way. No Hydrogel Rubber Clot in My Blood. Other Ways to Get There.

Michael Merrick and Thieves' Oil

Hydrogel, Gel/plastic and rubbery clots.

Meeting 6am Sunday morning Brisbane time

Gel/plastic and rubbery clots

Activated Charcoal revisited

Meeting 6am Brisbane time Sunday

Meeting 6am Sunday Brisbane time

Next meeting 6 am Sunday Brisbane time

Live blood checks - part 4

Live blood checks - part 3

The Case for Dry Fasting

Live blood checks part 2 - clarification

Live blood checks - part 2

Live blood checks - part 1

Further microscope travel and experience with activated charcoal.

Activated Charcoal as a detox therapy

Synthetic Biology & The Cross Domain Bacteria : An Organic Summary

Meeting on Thursday 6am Brisbane time

Information regarding Sodium Citrate

Update on Sodium Citrate, blood and urine